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Here is where we establish how people will navigate through your site.  What link options they will they see and how they will interact with your new website.  Sites load to a homepage and from there viewers will be able to Navigate to other portions of the site.  Navigation is WHY, HOW, and WHERE of your website. 

Let's start with WHY:
Navigation starts with your Homepage.  It should immediately give the viewer a good representation of what they are going to find on your site. They came here for a reason....  Why is that? 
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Is your website image or language driven?  

Navigation is any descriptive text that sends someone to another page and websites can potentially use 4 different locations for Navigation.

Main Navigation:  This is your primary tool for viewers to move through your site.   Your main content should be accesible here.  Some examples you might be familiar with:

The headers should be descriptive and simple.  


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